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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I found an easter egg in SUSE /Yast !

Hey folks, follow the instructions:

Right click in the clock applet (in the bottom-right of the screen), select "Adjust Date & Time". Enter the superuser password. The Yast module window for that. Prepared? Press F5!

Note: apparently, sometimes the screen only flickers to some people instead of showing the easter egg. If are not running SuSE or can't see the easter egg for some reasons, this is what happens: after pressing F5, the screens is filled and then unfilled gradually with rounded coloured boxes all over the place, like those in this screenshot:

How did I discover it? I pressed F5 in order to update the date & time showed, but it seems that it's a feature not implemented yet, or at least somewhat buggy =). Oh and let me tell you it's certain - don't even ask me why I know that - that there are more mysterious easter eggs waiting for being discovered, in a SUSE next to you!


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