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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yakuake, a terminal a key far away

I tend to use the command line all the time, for building my small programs, installing software, doing small checks, etc. Most of that daily task could be accomplished by a GUI replacement, but I feel more comfortable using the cmd because it turn to be usually faster to do it, if you already know how to.

Because of that, I used to have a konsole instance in each virtual desktop I was working on, each one with a couple of tabs or more. But now I don't use konsole anymore, because I have found a replacement which feels much natural to my patter usage of the command line. It's called Yakuake.

Yakuake is similar to konsole because it's an X terminal for KDE, which supports multiple tabs, etc. But it's the particuliar way to work with it what is appealing to me. When you launch it, it keeps hidden, and a popup tells you that you can show/hide it pressing F12. When you press that key, a terminal appears from the top of the screen covering 50% of it. It's very similar to Quake terminal, and hence it's name.

Now only have one terminal window, that doesn't eat space in the taskbar, always just one key away, and available in any virtual desktop! I recommend you to give it a try :-).


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