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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Public Domain, Censorship & Syndication

If after reading the title of this entry you thought I'm going to start talking about politics, you're wrong!

In the footer of every page in my weblog, you can read "NO RIGHTS RESERVED" and "This weblog is in the Public domain". I decided to license the text of this weblog in the most permissive license available today, which is just to give it away to the Public Domain. It means that you can do whatever you can imagine with my texts available in this weblog, provided that you mention me (the original author) and don't use it offensively, and those are just common law restrictions.

I could have as well used many free licenses, probably a Creative Commons one like many people do. How did I reach to that decision? In order to get an idea about the state of the art about weblog licenses, I visited some weblog of people I respect. I finally bumped into Jorge Cortell's weblog. His weblog was just in the public domain! He even has a nice explanation about it in his footer - Unfortunatelly it's in spanish - it really convinced me. I thought: yeah, why should I care about people copying? just give it free. In the end, everything is supposed to become public domain after XX years, so just in case the copyright extends and extends all over again, I wanted to be sure that *this* words I write, won't have those limits.

What I wonder now is under what license are the comments of a web page? Are they under copyright - everything is, by default - or they are supposed to accept & endorse the license of the page? I'll clarify it soon.

Talking about freedom & comments, why not censorship. I think I need to say the way comments are allowed in this weblog. I allow anonymous comments, because it's really annoying the neeed to register in so many websites, when you just want to write something fast. I have suffered it. But I don't want off-topics, trolls, non-constructive critics, offensive comments, etc. I don't have a voting system like other weblogs like slashdot, so I'll delete them in those cases. I'm surprised I already had to delete one comment of such a kind, but I don't regret; this kind of censorship is good when in small dosis, just like drinking a glass of wine (yeah alcohol is a drug) at lunch is good for your health.

Oh and syndication! I'm already in the blog list of Agali, and I have added posibility to syndicate this weblog not only with Atom but with RSS2; Thanks for all Mogu!


  • Hi Edu,

    is nice to sindicate this weblog. For it they are the friends. On the other hand, this blog like to me by its technical content. Let us hope that it last for a long time.

    See ya!

    By Anonymous Mogurito, at 18 September, 2005 16:53  

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