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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Magical keyboard

Lately I've seen some strange keyboard models in Internet. The most revolucionary one is the Optimus keyboard. What special feature has it built-in? Keys are no longer a static thing. Instead of each key having printed their respective symbols, it has a small OLED display!

So you can change the keyboard layout, literally. In the link above, the example that convinced me is the one showing the keyboard layout for playing Quake3: you don't need no more to show the list of shortcuts for your videogames & programs and memorize it: just look at the keyboard! This is really useful for people like me, who only play videogames from time to time and thus don't know very well all the shortcuts WYSIWYG on your keyboard!

What's more, you could add any other layout easily, or maybe change it interactively (i.e.: when you press Ctrl then the shortcuts available appear in the keyboard); in the FAQ it's said that it will be OS independent and the drivers will be open source, with SDK available. BTW the pictures in the keys can be animated also. And it includes a set of keys on the left side meant as shortcuts for your favorites apps or actions.

Before bumping into this keyboard, I saw the Das Keyboard. I wouldn't buy it, but its concept is still interesting. It's an ultra geek keyboard, and because of it.. they decided not to print they symbols in the keys. The idea is that they force you not to look at the keyboard, because there's nothing printed on it. So in the end, you are supposed to memorize where is what easily and thus speed up your writting. But after discovering the Optimus keyboard, I find it much more powerful: you could even emulate the Das Keyboard behaviour just removing all the images in the keyboard, although you could do that as well in any normal keyboard, and only a good rubber is needed hehe.


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